"It may be one of the best kept 'secrets' for those who seek a high quality of cultural and recreational coastal living."

Gene & Bobbie Wingerter
CCL Members since 2001

1. Who manages the Country Club of Landfall?

The General Manager along with the management team run the day-to-day club operations and strive to enhance the value and benefits associated with a CCL Membership. Our Board of Directors, composed of elected members, oversees the policies and long-term viability of the Club.

2. What is the cap on each category of membership? Are there memberships available at this time?

Our Full golf membership allows a maximum of 800 memberships on our 45 holes of golf. Our Sports membership allows a maximum of 375 members. A waiting list may apply for this category of membership. There is no established cap on our House membership.

3. How is residency determined at the Country Club of Landfall?

Any member whose principal residence is located outside the North Carolina counties of New Hanover, Brunswick, Onslow, Pender or Duplin is considered a Non-Resident. We currently offer two Non-Resident classifications: one for a developed residence and the other for a non-property owner or undeveloped property owner within the five county area. Non-Resident Second Home members include any member with a developed property (second home) in the previously mentioned counties who do not reside in such developed property or any rental property for more than 90 days per year. Non-Resident members include those members with no property or undeveloped property within the five county area who do not reside in a rental or other residence in the five counties for more than 90 days per year.

4. How are dues and fees established?

Dues and fees are set annually by the Board of Directors, and are payable in advance on the first day of each month. The Board of Directors reserves the right to set the amount payable by members in each class and category.

5. Is the Country Club of Landfall financially stable?

CCL is a mature and financially stable private club. Our Club has over 1200 memberships resulting in over 5,000 individual members utilizing Club facilities. CCL has a demographically balanced membership with over 500 children.

The Club has no long-term debt. Our capital plan strategy covers repairs and renovations. The General Manager oversees a $12 million budget in a conservative and prudent manner. Please call our Membership Director for further explanation.

6. What should I do if I have further questions or would like to schedule a Club tour?

Please complete our Request Form or call our Membership Director at 910.256.8411.